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I've been working on this game for about two and a half years; and sexual content Adventure High [Mind Control] [Transformation] [12/20/16] Adventure High takes place at a school for would-be adventurers, with the sole.

I'm doing live updates at the moment, which tend to start after the previous Adventure High stops having new bug reports for a few days, then the patron release is on the 13th of each month. Since getting Adventure High that schedule I've managed to be on time for both of those dates every month.

Rack as Lover and strip that girl games wondering dAventure do I see her boobs since I have also completed the Faculty Control Path and seen her boobs that Adventure High. I take those scenes just haven't been written yet - because what's the point of getting a girl Adfenture be your girlfriend in an ero game if Adventure High can't get repeateable sex scenes?

High Adventure

Adventrue I don't have art ready for Ms. Rack's Adventure High path yet, but it will continue as soon as I do have art Adventure High it with some unique scenes. In the path where you get Ms. Rack as a lover, you can't enslave Dr.

Eventually there will be other ways of enslaving the teachers. Yo thanks for letting me know can't wait I will like a giggy little school girl lol. At the moment, the Mass Bimbofication ending is the only one Hgh leads to a free sex ga game plus.

High Adventure

The only other 'endings' so far are bad endings. There will eventually be a fair number of different endings though.

High Adventure

Adventure High I just did the mass bimbofication and Adventure High liked it, and I've noticed very small changes when I started a new game after, but is there any major changes after starting a new game with the mass bimbofication? I take that the willing submission scenes are still a WIP. I mean, what's the point of willing submission if you don't get any scene out of it?

The Adventure High one would expect would be getting access to the sex scenes, and maybe to the costume changes likely with small text changes. Gay bdsm games, they are a work in progress. There will be subplots involving characters who are willing slaves that deviate from their normal subplots, and will lead to unique sex scenes.

If you've enslaved everyone, and can't find anything Adventure High to do, you may have done everything on that Adventure High have written so far on that plotline.

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I am working on new content monthly. She will ask Rosa out even if she is a girl Adventure High already dating Val. For amusement value, you Adventurf also follow Dedomero willing slave path to have an actual hentai boxing harem in a mind control game.

Just checked a few things about the above: Rack as lover" storyline by permabimboing Val when inside her mind - you are locked in the tempted hero Adventure High, and you can sleep assault access that storyline from Adventure High.

It's a pity, because if you could, you could have the full willing harem. Idea for a later version, maybe.

High Adventure

The reason charming porno simulator in the walkthrough is because currently I don't have much content made for charmed characters. Once I do have more content, I will School Secrets in each character's charm opportunities. And yeah, it is intentional that Sarah under the charm Adventure High no longer cares that Rosa is female. Rack as Lover plotline Adventure High locked to a main story path, just to Val's enslavement.

The plotline that triggers it is connected to Ms. Rack growing suspicious of Val being Adventure High slave, whereas if you perma-bimbofy Val, Ms.

High Adventure

Rack knows that it's the result of fixing Mr. Yet a simple "or you can simply charm her, even if there's no other content - yet" in the "how to date Sarah" section wouldn't hurt: Rack plotline, I also understand the storyline Adventure High dependant of that point good point about the reason she isn't suspicious, Adventure High.

Of course, one can korra hentai hope later versions could include new paths to that end, just like new paths to other teachers' enslavements have been announced.

High Adventure

You are likely already working in such plotlines, we can just wait for you to write them. Are Sarah's plotlines incompatible? Can't seem to be able to reach more than one of gettinget her into a doll, dating her or getting to her home.

Unless I'm doing something wrog. They should not interfere Adventure High each other; exceptions most likely being if you Advenutre Sarah, or left her inanimate. I'll take a look though and see if I can find anything that might be causing a conflict. I think I pinpointed one possible Adventure High. If I do the same but with a male character from the start, date scene usually appears Sex Threesome Fun doll Advetnure does and all three scenes can be accomplished.

For test purposes, I started being an asshole to Sarah, then waiting for conditions other than afection for both scenes being met, Adventure High started gulping love potions; slightly different result. Doll scene pops up, love scene doesn't even after Sarah afection at - Adventure High it in the savefile.

Since you've said you intended the scenes to be independient, I'd say that's not the behaviour you expected. I'd say the date scene path has some bug. Since Sarah is straight, she shouldn't ask the player out at any point if you are playing as Rosa unless you charm her, which advanced rogue intelligence assault be the cause of part of that problem.

The fix will Adventure High with the new version on the 20th though. Oddly, if you gulp a second one betwen commital to date AAdventure Adventure High date, Sarah still dates you - now that's a commited girl. I know it's likely a bug, but it's a funny bug - I wouldn't bother changing it since it really Adventure High affect gameplay.

High Adventure

I am planning on having her break up with you if you Advennture into a girl Adventure High dating, but I haven't had a chance to write her break up scenes yet. You can meet her two ways, currently.

High Adventure

Either you can Adventure High Julia, give her the fanatic personality, and then agree with her that you can beat Cassandra shemale online games she brags Hlgh you, or Adventure High can keep Sarah free and do her normal conversation path until Cassandra shows up, then stand up for her.

Yet another Sarah-related bug.

High Adventure

Free Val does NOT Adventure High me from enslaving her in the street Adventure High after refusing to heal. Yeah, that must have happened when I switched it from checking her obedience level to checking if she is a slave. I'll get that fixed for the upcoming version.

Adventure High 0.48

I had updated it for 0. Walkthrough mentions two, should add the third, I guess. Also, the walkthrough is Advrnture enough abot the date scene path to get the info through it, but I've been Advenutre to get it through the inanimate scene; maybe the walkthrough should give more specific instructions about that, too. You need to gain 5 levels while she is inanimate to get the home plot trigger. The last way is to advance in Adventure High heroic plot until you enter Sarah's mind, which will also give you the information you need to start the home plot.

You sleeping girl walkthrough to either succeed at Adventure High date scene, leave her inanimate and gain 5 levels before restoring her during her Doll plot, or Adventure High her mind Adventure High the heroic plotline.

So there is no way to get that scene if Adveenture already have her enslaved or did I get that wrong?

High Adventure

You can do the home plotline while she is enslaved, if she has her normal personality. If you didn't do any of the scenes that contain the information you need to hear to trigger the plotline before enslaving her though you wouldn't be able Adventure High start it. In order to get three slaves to trigger Jane's lessons, skipped 3rd floor note and went for 5th to get Julia. By regular scene, which do you mean exactly so that I can figure out what might be causing that to happen?

There are several possible scenes vitural stripper can occur in that Hifh depending on what combination of personalities and slave statuses the two have.

As mentioned, I wanted a playthrough where Rosa first enslaves Adventute at the doll scene where Sarah is basically begging to be enslavedthen follows the Val willing submision path. Yes, I was Adventure High for the "they actually BEG you Adventure High be enslaved" edge, which rocks my boat more that randm enslavings Val's path starts with "Go into the dungeon with Needy Sarah and Val to trigger a scene at the Adventure High floor note where Free 3d adult sex games becomes suspicious of her attitude.

Obviously, had to avoid the 3rd floor note until doll scene was done. Catch being, to trigger Sarah's doll Adventure High, Jane's lessons are needed - so, three slaves. Cassandra and Erin were enslaved with Adventure High note touched. Third one was Julia.

High Adventure

Adventure High trigger her, touched the 5th floor note without touching the 3rd floor one and enslaved her. Then Adventure High Sarah's date by using two sex change potionsVal's date, Jane's first lesson and Xxx hd games doll plotline.

When, after that, touched the 3rd floor note, nothing happened. Again, is that a bug, or is deliberate?

Adventure High - hentai games

So, no scene at all occurs when you touch the note in that context? That would Adventure High a bug, I'll have to try to figure out what might be causing it not to trigger. So, you are getting the scene where the player finds the note by themselves, Adventure High no scene at all occurs and the note just appears on the map? Ok, I'll try to figure out what is causing it to Advrnture work in best online sex game context. Just as a note since Daitemita is the walkthrough page, do you have access to the patron DAventure

High Adventure

If so, I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed, if Adventure High I'll have it working by the public release on the Adventure High. More weirdness in that scene - new game, slave Sarah and free Val, no text in first note.

High Adventure

No, I'm no patron. Only way I can show support is Adventure High chasing bugs: The game is absolutely awesome, but there are a few little things tinklebell hentai don't have to be there in my opinion.

High Adventure

For example, there is a small bug when you look at Molly in the library and talk to her. It then looks like there are two letterings above each other. And then there is something Adventufe I personally Adventure High really like: That's a bit the best sex games for me. Maybe it Higj be better Advfnture the price just increases by or something like that? Because after a few times the items just get prohibitively expensive. Oh, and at the end I've got Adventure High little question left.

What especially can you do with Derrick at the moment? You just meet him once in the school and the Adventure High time he is already Loretta Nanny new shop assistant.

Hope my comment helped you a bit! Looking forward to seeing new, absolutely fantastic updates! Adventure High try to get Molly's library scene fixed.

High Adventure

I found tangled porn game overlap so far and fixed it. Adventure High many did you notice? In the store, only certain items double in price; which is meant to keep items from effortlessly breaking the game. Items such as the Chakrams and Life Potions stay the same price, while items that influence affection and Adventure High increase in price Adventure High you use them so that the more you've used the further into the dungeon you will need to go to continue affording more.

There will be more to the dungeon as the game progresses, which will help keep pace with the cost of items that increase Adventure High price. Derrick pinoytoons game be enslaved yet, and is only in a couple scenes. He's one of the newer characters so he hasn't had a lot added for him. Adventure High will be more with him eventually though. I think that's the only one I've found. Thanks for your help: It's not important to me in a personal way; it's more that if it's effectively effortless to use them, it diminishes the importance of your decisions during many conversations.

In this hybrid of the Visual Novel and RPG genre, you will explore dungeons, fight monsters, and develop relationships with your fellow students. Your choices will Adventure High a significant impact on the story; with several main storylines you can end up on as a result of your actions as well as numerous side Adventure High vdategirls to the other characters.

My goal is to have enough secrets, side plots, and variations on the main plotlines that you will have a radically different experience from one playthrough to the next. It has always bothered me how games with morality systems simplify morality down xxx game a meter that can be exploited in some way to allow the player to keep Campus sluts alignment they want Adventure High behaving against that alignment.

To that end; I decided to just not even have a morality meter. Adventure High choices, and actions will simply lead to their logical conclusions within the story. Backers at this level can also request one thing to happen to any main character That is to say, characters that are original to Adventure High, and not side-characters created by other Adventure High or making cameo appearances Including one CG image depicting the moment of your choice.

High Adventure

There are a few things that cannot be requested; mostly extreme things, or things that may be illegal in some countries as that would prevent some people from being able to play the game. If you have any doubts about if your request idea will Adventure High, feel free to contact me and ask.

Backers at this level will receive high res versions of CGs Adventure High each new update, have access to live updates for the game, and will have a character of their Inspector J Episode 6 appear in Adventure High game as an enslavable side character; including avatar art, and 2 CGs.

Enter Higy email address and press button below to reset your password or activate your account. Profile Settings Payment Settings.

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This campaign is approved but has not started yet. Raised in 1 month 1 month. Closed days ago. This campaign has closed, funding is Adventure High longer available.

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